You are invited to pray each day for the streets/roads and subjects listed on these pages

DAY                                    PARISH STREET/ROAD

1          Airedale Close, Alderbank Rd, Alverstone Close, Ashbourne Rd,

            Audre Close, Bainbridge Close     

2          Banbury Drive, Barbondale Close, Barnes Close, Barrow Hall Lane,

            Beaufort Close, Beechwood Ave   

3          Belmont Cresc, Bembridge Close, Billington Close, Birchfield Rd,

            Bishopsdale Close, Bispham Rd 

4          Blue Ridge Ave, Bransdale Close, Brightwell Close, Brook Drive,

            Brook Way, Brookside Ave          

5          Buckingham Drive, Campbell Cres, Carsington Water, Cedar Rd,

            Chapelside Close, Charles Ave     

6          Chelsea Gardens, Chestnut Ave, Clarence Ave, Clevelys Rd,

            Clovelly Ave, Conifer Grove

7          Conway Close, Coogee Ave, Cotterdale Close, Coverdale Close

            Cromdale Way, Cronulla Drive

8          Cunningham Close, Davids Ave, Deepdale Close, Denham Ave

            Duncansby Crescent, Ealing Road 

9          East Ave, Edward Road, Elmsett Close, Fairhaven Close           

            Farndale Close, Fernworthy          

10        Finsbury Close, Fleetwood Close, Foreland Close, Forge Rd, 

             Fraser Rd, Freckleton Close

11         Freshwater Close, Friars Ave, Friends Lane, Garsdale Close

             Godshill Close, Gordale Close 

12         Greenway, Hadleigh Close, Haig Avenue, Hale Grove

             Hall Terrace, Hallington  

13         Halton Rd, Hampton Drive, Hawthorne Ave, Henderson Close

             Highfield Ave, Hilary Close         

14         Holbrook Close, Hood Lane, Huntley Street, Keith Ave,

             Kingston Ave, Kintore Drive

15         Kirkaldy Ave, Kirkham Close, Laburnham Lane, Leon Close,

             Lilac Ave, Lilford Drive                

16         Lingley Court, Lingley Rd, Lingwood Rd, Littledale Rd

             Littleton Close, Liverpool Rd       

17         Lonsdale Close, Lynham Ave, Malham Close, Malpas Drive

             Marina Ave, Mayfair Close

18         Mill Ave, Morrison Close, Mossdale Close, Muriel Close

             Norbreck Close, Norfolk Drive

19          North View, Orrell Close, Palin Drive, Park Road

              Parsonage Way, Paul Close          

20          Penketh Rd, Phillips Drive, Princess Ave, Pyecroft Close

              Pyecroft Rd, Ranworth Rd           

21          Rhona Drive, Ridley Drive, Roby Grove, Rossall Rd

              Rowan Close, Rozel Crescent       

22          Ruscolm Close, Sanderson Close, Sandringham Drive, Shanklin Close

              Sherigham Rd, Shorwell Close     

23          Snowden Close, Southfields Ave, Southwold Crescent, St.Mary’s Rd

              St.Stephen’s Rd, Stanley Ave

24          Station Road, Stockdale Close       Industrial and commercial life

              Stocks Lane, Green Park Sunnyside

25          Swaledale Close, Sycamore Lane, Teesdale Close, The Dale,

              The Willows

26          Thetford Road, Thornton Road, Thorntondale Drive, Totland Close                       

              Ventnor Close

27          Victoria Avenue,Victoria Road, Vine Crescent, Warwick Ave

              Wednesbury Drive                      

28          Wensleydale Close, West Drive, Widdale Close, Wilmot Avenue

              Wharfdale Close

29          Whitehorn Ave,Whittle Hall Lane, Whitwell Close,Winterburn

              Woodale Close  

30          Woodland Gardens, Woodside Rd, Wroxham Road, Yarmouth Rd

               York Avenue  

31          For new housing developments in the Parish

                 SUBJECT FOR PRAYER

Liverpool Diocese,

Bishops and Staff         

For our team clergy

& administrator

For our MP

and those in Parliament

The PC 

and Standing Committee

Warrington Deanery

and Synod

Our music group 

and organists

Local Councillors

Warrington Council

Children’s Group leaders

and helpers

For our giving team and the charities we support incl. CMS

Church Army and the Leprosy Mission

Our social team

The unemployed and those 

unable to work

For our growth in faith

Churches Together in West Warrington


 Stewardship Team and the right use of 

our time, talents and money

Kids Planet Nursery, Barrow Hall & Park Road Primary. 

Open the Book teams

Development of small groups      

For the sick and housebound  

For our sidespeople and welcomers

For the bereaved

Our uniformed groups

The Church of England

Those preparing for baptism/marriage

Warrington Hospital & St.Rocco’s

Industrial and commercial life


Peace with justice in the world


The community lunch


Our Place of Welcome              

For those who sing at Green Park and

Whittle Hall Care Homes

The baptism team


The cleaning team, flower arranging


Thanksgiving for all God’s blessings

You are encouraged to use this daily prayer diary at home in your own prayers. It will also be used in church at our services:



Morning Prayers           09.00 a.m.

Holy Communion         10.00 a.m. (except 4th Wednesday of the month, which is Morning Prayer)



1st Sundays                         All Age Worship           10.00 a.m.

2nd4th & 5th Sundays    Holy Communion         10.00 a.m.

3rd Sundays                       Morning Worship         10.00 a.m.