About Us

To be a growing church making a growing difference

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision and mission is to help connect people to faith

Life offers us a varied mixed bag of experiences which often become the basis of how we look at ourselves and the world in which we live. We at St Mary’s want to help people frame that search for meaning and understanding – and even desire for purpose, in the context of faith in a God who loves us and wants to helps us become the people were are meant to be. We dont have all the answers but what we do have is a fellowship of support that encourages people to search and discover in faith.

St Mary's Great Sankey

Our People

We are a well-established Church of England congregation, that has been worshipping in our current building for over 250 years. Our average weekly congregations (we have three) number around 100 people and our ages range from 0 to nearly 100! Our vision is to be ‘a growing church making a growing difference’and we seek to do this through our work in local schools and care homes, running an exploratory course on the Christian faith (called Alpha) on a regular basis, having a monthly community lunch, plus providing baptisms (or christenings), weddings and funerals for those in our locality.


Through our outward giving as a church (we give away 10% of our income) we support, amongst other organisations:

Church Mission Society

Leprosy Mission

Church Army

Our Future Plans

“St.Mary’s PCC have begun a process of thinking about how they might use the proceeds from the sale of their former church hall. Our conversations are at an early stage but have revolved around how the church might make creative use of its existing space or potentially expand this. An idea has been put forward about extending into the churchyard and possibly converting the rear of the churchyard into a carpark but this is one of many ideas and it is far too early in the process to make any decisions.

Whatever the PCC might wish to do will be subject to both finance and obtaining the relevant permissions. The PCC would also wish to be reassured by specialist surveys that no graves would be affected by any proposed works.

We are very keen to gain the views of as many people as possible and will consult when we have a better understanding of our ideas. We remain committed to preserving the character of our historic church building as well as thinking about how we serve the community in the future.”

                                                        – Pioneer Team Vicar Jeremy Tear

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