Role Description

Name of Post             Team Treasurer

Accountable To         Core Leadership Team via Team Rector

Summary of Role

Dealing with all the money received and paid out, keeping records. Providing regular reports to the Core Leadership Team/Team Fund oversight committee.

Key Tasks

  1. Operating a team bank account, in accordance with the principles of the West Warrington Church Team Fund document
  2. Keeping a record of monies received and paid out, including relevant documents.
  3. Providing reports to the Team Fund oversight committee/core leadership team three times per year.
  4. Meeting with the oversight committee three times per year to review proposals for distribution of funds for mission and multiplication purposes and to review expenditure/income.
  5. Produce annual records for the Team Fund in Church of England Receipts and Payments Format and to align with Return of Parish Finance.
  6. Work with Treasurer of hosting church to incorporate Team Fund into Parish annual accounts in a timely manner.

This role description is subject to periodic review and potential amendment following consultation with the post holder. It is anticipated that this role may take approx. 4 hours per month.