Title                             Electoral Roll Officer

Accountable to             Pioneer Team Vicar

Role Summary

To be responsible for the provision of an updated electoral roll for St.Mary’s Church.

Key Tasks

  1. To produce a new electoral roll every six years (last done in 2019), inviting people to fill out and return registration forms prior to the APCM
  1. To check any forms received to ensure that that they have been completed correctly, and return any uncompleted forms to individuals if necessary
  1. To add or remove new names as necessary during the following years, making sure that people are aware there are forms available for new people to join prior to the APCM
  1. To advise the PCC of any changes to the roll and inform the diocese of electoral roll numbers following each APCM
  1. To keep the electoral roll locked away and to keep information private (for data protection purposes)