Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Dear Friends

I hope this finds you well and coping with the heat!

August is a quieter month in the life of most churches, and St. Mary’s is no exception. Our Lightings group for primary school aged children takes a break as does the Community Lunch, and there are no courses running. I try to take life at a gentler pace in August and I encourage you to do the same! For it is good to spend time being re-created (from which we get our word recreation) and that comes from having a different routine from time to time. Time to rest, read, relax, recuperate, and to be restored. Jesus in the gospels took time out to get away from the crowds and his disciples in order to be refreshed for his ministry and time to pray was of course vital for him, as it is for us. So, whether you are going away or staying at home, I hope you have a refreshing month.

I certainly feel the need for a breather at present. I have just returned from the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham where I was part of the faith and wellbeing teams operating in the athletes’ villages. And what a privilege it was to serve others by caring for their pastoral and spiritual needs. If you went to the Games in person or watched them on TV, I hope you enjoyed them!

As we move into the autumn, a reminder that we have our Alpha Taster Session coming up on Tuesday 13 September at 7 pm in church. Come along and better still bring a friend or family member with you for a buffet meal, followed by the showing of the first Alpha session video. If you/they like it, then you/they would be very welcome to join our Alpha course which will continue on Tuesday evenings between 7-9 pm in church up until 6 December (excluding the session on 25 October). If you have any queries, please speak to Joan Rotheram, Sharon Leung or myself who will be co-leading the course together. If there is demand, we will also run the Alpha course online. For further details, please click here.

Best wishes.

Jeremy Tear, Pioneer Team Vicar

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