What the role of Church Warden at St Mary’s is about. 

In co-operation with the Pioneer Team Vicar and Warden Colleague, offer positive leadership to St Mary’s Church in order to help it fulfil its vision of being a ‘growing church making a growing difference’, and to carry out the duties of Warden as defined by the Church of England. As officers of the bishop, they represent the laity and lead by good example, encouraging unity and peace, maintaining order and dealing with any difficulties. 


  • Pray and work for the growth of the church 
  • Attend and participate in PCC meetings, Standing Committee meetings and Core Team meetings (only one of the wardens is on the Core Team) 
  • Involve others in the stewardship of the church building and grounds; 


  • Responsible for ensuring the fabric of the church building and grounds, goods and ornaments is maintained, and reporting any matters to the PCC and Annual Parochial Church Meeting; 
  • Maintain the Inventory, list of land belonging to the church, and Log Book; 
  • Take appropriate action in respect of recommendations in the quinquennial inspection report; 
  • Make reports to the diocese and parish including articles of enquiry, statistics for mission and return of parish finance; 
  • Ensure that any reordering, repair or new work is carried out with the relevant approval including obtaining a Faculty when required; 
  • Have control of & be accountable, assisted by the sidespeople, for collections 
  • Maintain good order during the conduct of services; 
  • Ensure adequate heat and light during services; 
  • Reserve seats when appropriate; 
  • Ensure that banns of marriage are called and that the book is signed; 
  • Lead non-eucharistic services in the absence of clergy or lay ministers 
  • On leaving office hand all church property to their successor and check the inventory. 

What You Need To Do the Job 

  • A willingness to learn as you go 
  • The ability to work with others as well as on your own 
  • The time needed to do it (5-10 hours per week) 

What You Will Receive 

  • The help and support of former and current wardens 
  • Training available from the diocese 
  • The help and support of the Pioneer Team Vicar 

Further Information 

  • Contact Jeremy Tear, Pioneer Team Vicar or Lynn Parish,. Churchwarden, via stmarysofficesankey@gmail.com